Manufacturer of low, medium and high pressure measurement regulation stations

A SRM moves gas from the distribution network (high pressure) to the distribution network (medium, low or low pressure). It filters, regulates and measures the gas and is a set of devices, fittings and accessories mounted in a separate metal or insulated enclosure.

Design and execution of low, medium and high pressure methane gas installations

Whether it’s supplying natural gas to a central apartment, several industrial consumers or an entire community, CORSEM is the solution you are looking for.
Our company has 20 years of experience in the field, thousands of satisfied customers and countless successful projects.

Preparation of feasibility studies for the establishment of intelligent natural gas distribution systems

Feasibility studies on ‘Establishment of natural gas distribution network’ including topographical measurements and preparation of Topographical Study, Geotechnical Study and obtaining approvals in principle.

We provide design for smart natural gas distribution installations

Corsem is authorized and has qualified personnel for the design of intelligent natural gas distribution installations.

Design and execution of thermal installations

Whether you want heat, hot and cold water, a smart heating system for the whole house or just water supply, CORSEM is the solution you are looking for.

Our company also designs indoor and outdoor hot and cold water supply installations for consumption.

VTP - Periodic technical checks

Periodic inspection of the gas installation and the heating plant is carried out every 2 years at most or on request. It’s important to have specialists on hand to help you enjoy a safe home. With Corsem’s offers, checks and overhauls are carried out correctly, on time and by ANRE and ISCIR authorised personnel.

Execution of LPG installations

If, in the area where you live, it is not possible to connect to a natural gas distribution network, it is possible to install an LPG cylinder to ensure the comfort of your home.

Design and execution of heating installations

The configuration and routing of the thermal network is established to ensure efficient and economical transmission and distribution of thermal energy. The layout adopted may be branched or ring-shaped.

The choice of the type of distribution layout is made according to the size, location and importance of the consumers, the constraints imposed by the geometry of the terrain and the aim is to balance the network.



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