VTP – Periodic Technical Checks

VTP – Periodic Technical Checks

V.T.P. - Periodic Technical Checks

We know that there are not enough hours in the day for everything you propose, that everything seems complicated, and the list of expenses is getting longer and longer. However, there is no good enough reason to ignore the safety of you and your family, especially since the mandatory technical inspections and checks for the gas installation and boiler are simpler than you think.

It is important to have specialists with you to help you enjoy a safe home. With Corsem’s offers, checks and revisions are carried out correctly, on time and by ANRE and ISCIR authorized personnel. To make sure that you carry out the mandatory technical services in a timely manner, pay attention to the information we send you or remember that:

  • periodic checking of the gas installation and the heating plant it is carried out at a maximum of 2 years or on request
  • the periodic revision of the gas installation is carried out at a maximum of 10 years, if it has not been used for more than 6 months, after any event that could have affected the installation or upon request

List of procedures to be executed

  • Verification of the existence of the “Delivery of the device”
  • Verification of the integrity of the device and maintenance of the initial installation conditions
  • Cleaning activities of the device, if necessary ( these are done at an additional cost compared to the verification cost, depending on the necessary operations to be performed);
  • Verification and adjustment of the combustion installation in order to achieve a complete combustion, with the efficiency indicated by the manufacturer;
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  • Analyzing the burnt gases and checking that the values are within the allowed limits;
  • Checking the correct operation of the control, adjustment and safety devices;
  • Performing the applicable checks in accordance with the technical conditions provided in the device booklet, as well as in the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • After performing the necessary work, the necessary documents are handed over to the beneficiary and the performed operations are mentioned in the device booklet.

Applicable law

According to Law No. 64 of 21.03.2008, supplemented by Ordinance No. 22 / August 2010 regarding the safe operation of pressure installations, lifting installations and fuel-consuming devices, published in MO No. 240 / March 27, 2008 and MO No. 606 / August 26, 2010, all users of thermal power plants are obliged to obtain the operating authorization and the periodic technical check of the power plant. The verification operation is carried out at most once every 2 years.

For more details, you can contact us by phone at the Customer Relations Dept. +4(0) 752 066 023or by email at [email protected]

We offer you a complete solution from the design of the natural gas installation, execution natural gas installation until execution and installation thermal installation. We have authorized personnel for the commissioning of the thermal power plants that we supply as well as periodic technical checks in Suceava, Câmpulung Moldovenesc.



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