Design and execution of thermal installations

Design and execution of thermal installations

Execution of thermal installations

Our company designs and manufactures indoor and outdoor thermal installations and cold and hot water supply for household consumption.

We use constructive solutions, modern materials and equipment of the best quality
  • metal pipes and fittings
  • steel pipes
  • galvanized fittings, cast iron fittings
Pipes and fittings from plastic materials
  • pipes and fittings from polyethylene and PEXAL
  • pipes and fittings from non-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • < li>polypropylene pipes and fittings

  • sanitary objects, fittings and accessories

CORSEM is authorized by ANRE for the design and execution of utility installations, distribution systems ( extension/decommissioning/establishment of gas distribution new/diversions of pipes and connections) as well as for works in the system of transport.

Solutions from A to Z

We offer you a complete solution from the design of the natural gas installation, the execution of the natural gas installation to the execution and installation of the thermal installation. We have authorized personnel for the commissioning of the thermal power plants we supply as well as periodic technical checks

< h6>We have a wide range of thermal power plant models in stock.

Among the brands we have we list:



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